lack of illustrating skills, much?

Over the past couple of years Facebook has probably become one of the most visited websites on the web. I for instance use it excessively throughout the day and so do most of my friends. While there are bugs and minor annoyances every now and then the designers of Facebook have done a pretty good job so far. Yet there is one peculiar thing that has bugged me for a long while now. What is it about the female silhouette avatar (you know,...the one that shows instead of your photo when you have not yet uploaded a profile pic). Either the guys working at Facebook have never seen a woman before or they lack some serious illustrating skills.
Honestly, when looking at the above image I cannot help but be reminded of this dude:

 Seriously, Facebook...you might want to consider changing this silhouette into a more desirable image...


  1. Perhaps that's the look they were trying to go for?

    (and at least it's not the male silhouette with the douchey faux hawk. that guy looks like the kind of asshole who would wear popped collars while cheating on his girlfriend)

  2. haha! nicely put. that dude does look like your typical d*ckhead

  3. What's wrong with popped up collars.

    And why does this Comment section remind me of barroom full of drunken sailors?

    I don't think administration would be too keen for all the vulgar language on display @KaoMoji. At least @Lixi used the d*rned '*' key.

    Hey, I wonder if anybody has photoshopped the default facebook avatars to make them more cool. That would be a nice extra-credit project if you know anybody who needs to boost their midterm grades.

  4. yes, great idea! actually there are a few photoshopped f-book avatars out there, so I also tried to come up with some. Check them out in my latest blog post.