"The Girls of Facebook" or "Digital Storytelling Part 1?"

so, since I have complained about the poor Facebook illustrations in one of my previous posts I quickly put together some new designs, which hopefully come closer to the silhouette of a girl and are less Vadar-esque. I am so old-school that I designed these images with Microsoft's Paintbrush (...on a MAC). It's actually fairly easy since basically all you have to do is get a copy of the original and then change the look of the silhouette with white shapes. Well have a look and let me know what you think...


  1. I still think i have a problem with the shapes of black guys wtf..!!!! how about me I'm not represented in this LOL

  2. Its is very cool! but what kind of story are you thinking to present?

  3. @dickdanger: well Mr. Danger, how about creating one yourself that better represents you? ;-]

    @yari: thanks for the feedback. good question. I am actually not really sure. Maybe a statement of individuality? However I see this more as a piece of Pop Culture art. Taking something that is widely known, such as the facebook avatar, and recreating it into something new.

  4. 1st one- Howard Stern
    2nd one- Ronald McDonald (with tiny hangars stuck in his hair)
    3rd one- Michelle Obama


  5. haha! I thought about number 1 as well!

  6. This is an awesome idea. I'm going to "create" such an avatar myself.

    Of the three you've shared, I like the Michele Obama one the best. Ronald McDonald is pretty cool too.

    I think the Howard Stern should have more saggy flesh on his neck, though.

  7. Looks like somebody has already been working on reworking the facebook avatars.